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We’re busy building the new website at the moment, so please check back soon.

In the meantime, you can use this temporary page to give you an idea of Etienne’s style, visit the gallery or official Facebook pages, and to buy a copy of Etienne’s latest book.

The book is a collection of pieces culled from various flyers for bands, comics, street art, murals and other random bits of insanity that have been created over the last 17 years. As Etienne himself says:

"I always wanted to do comics but could never write, so I devised an open ended storyline where pretty much anything I drew would fit. I may have lost the plot along the way (in more ways than one) but essentially this is my screen play for an animated film."

Each book is 92 x A3 pages on lovely paper; a mixture of black and white and full colour, and comes with a booklet of explanations with various pieces from Etienne’s sketchbooks.
Books are available online using the link below, or from Art Schism in Brighton, where you can see more of Etienne’s work, together with pieces by other local artists.

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